Home Updates – Bedroom # 3

Our house is still very much a work in progress, but I wanted to share some of my favorite affordable finds with you! I love to shop at Target, Homegoods, Ross, Kirklands, Walmart, and other home stores that are similar. In our small town, the only store I can physically go into and shop at, is Walmart. I miss civilization!

When we first purchased our foreclosure, this particular bedroom was painted bright pink and purple – which didn’t work for a 9 year old boy. We repainted the walls immediately (after replacing the old beige carpet with wood-grained porcelain tile) – the color we chose for the walls is Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams – it goes with everything!

Bedroom # 3 – Listing Image
Close-Up on Floors in Living Room

After we repainted the walls and replaced the flooring, we ditched the large, full-sized sleigh bed that we had – some of the slats were broken and it was just too large for the small room space. So, for now, there’s just a bed on a frame (I’m steadily searching for the perfect headboard but just haven’t found the right one yet!). We hung a 55″ TV on one wall, which dominates the tiny space. It literally takes up an entire wall. We moved the bed next to the window and added this super cute desk to double as a nightstand/desk combo!

Bedroom # 3

We haven’t found the right desk chair yet, so in the meantime I’m using this adorable navy-colored seat that I found at Homegoods for $25 (I had to buy two – one for each child’s room) – it doubles as extra seating when his friends are over to play video games. The kids also drag these little navy chairs into the living room when we have movie nights – they’re comfortable and cute!

The desk was just a wonderful find! We went to Ross and HAD to have it! It was $60 and came in the color white (seen above) as well as a Robin’s Egg blue color – so cute! My husband wouldn’t let me get the blue because it was too girly, so we opted to purchase the white desk. The desk itself can fold up and be stored away if necessary. The wood top is a beachy-gray color that blends perfectly with the colors in his room.

His bedspread and shams are white & gray Aztec print made of quilt material we bought from Walmart. It is very thin, so he likes to layer additional blankets over the top. I’ll keep searching for a better bedspread for my blanket-loving child but I do love the print of what he has now.

The shaggy rug was a great find at Walmart (similar found here) and I just love it! It’s super soft and comfortable; the design goes well even in a boys’ room. It’s a little difficult to vacuum due to the shag material, but it’s easy to take outside and whip all the dust and sand out.

The cockeyed lamp is something that I need to replace – I found the base at Goodwill and paired it with a lampshade from Walmart, but I didn’t pay close enough attention to how the lampshade would attach to the base – clearly they don’t match and the shade keeps tilting off balance.

Bedroom # 3

So there you have it! Just a couple little things I’ve purchased recently that I just adore – little by little pulling this foreclosure together to turn it into a home! (as a side note – the people who lived in this house prior to getting foreclosed upon, had a miniature horse living indoors as a pet – this place was a mess).

What are some of your favorite deals?

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