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Oh, the dreaded living room. The one room in the house that guests will see and judge you on. The one room in the house that the family gathers and hangs out on a daily basis. The one room where the kids jump around and spill juice and throw food everywhere and yet you somehow have to keep pristine for those guests who will come over and judge you.

I’m just kidding…mostly. For us, it’s been a pieced-together room with bits of hand-me-down furniture and cheap purchases that don’t keep up very well. So, this past weekend we took advantage of some Fourth of July sales going on (Independence Day for USA) and purchased a couch that we could be proud of.

Originally, we had a large gray sectional that we purchased for roughly $800 from Rooms-to-Go about 5 years ago. For some reason, the seating part began to sag – I’m not sure if it was a flaw in the design or something that broke early on after we purchased, but the Hubs wasn’t having it. He wanted a new couch.

Living Room

This particular couch filled up the living room and made it feel smaller – between the large ottoman and the sectional seat, it enclosed the living room from the moment you walked in.

We placed the rocking chair that was a gift from a coworker when we had our youngest son (who’s going to be 4 in a couple months) in the living room for extra seating. Who knows how old this chair is and what it has been through, but it works! I like the rocking chair because the cushions are washable and replaceable – they snap onto the rocking chair frame. I just haven’t bothered replacing them since the rocking chair wasn’t going to be kept as a main fixture in the living room.

The end tables were a recent purchase from Wayfair – See them here. It came in a set of two and were fairly easy to assemble – I did them myself and the pieces were HEAVY – this is a very sturdy piece of furniture and a great buy for the price! We will be purchasing the matching coffee table once a couple more paychecks roll in, if you know what I mean.

We also purchased a new TV Stand from Wayfair – See it here. This is another gorgeous piece of furniture from Wayfair that we are extremely happy with! It was fairly simple to put together, though there were so many pieces it did take two adult men a couple hours to complete.

The farmhouse style bench that you see in the picture above placed against the wall is yet ANOTHER Wayfair find! See it here – (if you have really good eyes, you’ll see an additional white bench at the kitchen table that was also purchased through Wayfair, but I’ll get into that more in another post). We love this bench – another piece that I put together with the help of my oldest child – though, I will say that it was missing some bolts that probably got lost in transit but I still had enough to put it together and make it feel sturdy.

Ok – so, onward with the conversation about the living room couch. We purchased a new couch this past weekend from Badcock Furniture – See it here – for $600. Cheaper than the sectional that we already had, yes, but the cushions don’t sink to the ground and it’s smaller so I feel like the living room is larger with this new sofa.

I hurried to Walmart and purchased these lemon colored pillows that I’ve had my eye on for a while now, and I LOVE how it looks! See them here – Brings such a fun pop of color to our drab decor, it’s just cheery to look at! Side note, we haven’t put the “feet” on the couch yet, and I’m not sure if we will or not. It sits a little low right now without them, but I like the idea of NOT having to fish toys and dust out from underneath the couch.

We love the room that our living room now has – the biggest downfall to replacing the previous sectional is that we lost a bunch of seating that we didn’t even realize we had! We had guests over this weekend and we found ourselves quickly out of sitting room. We will be purchasing a couple farmhouse-style recliners and I will post about those once we receive them!

I love how the living room is pulling together and it just makes our house feel cozy and warm. It’s so nice to setup furniture that you pick out yourselves that suits your style and taste – not to mention affordable!

Where have you purchased your favorites from?

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  1. Hi, I tried to find your contact info on your blog without any luck, so I hope it’s okay I connect with you here in the comments! Please let me know if you’re doing collabs? If so, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me on olivia@blogerize.com and then I’d love to tell you some more! Thanks 🙂


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