FabFitFun – Summer Box 2019 Review

Disclaimer: This post contains ZERO affiliate ads – I’m just sharing links to where you can find the products and giving my opinion on the products.

FabFitFun is a Lifestyle Subscription that has been circling the internet for some years now. The cost is $49.99 quarterly (for each season) with free shipping; breaking down to about $16 a month. They send full sized beauty, fashion, wellness, fitness, and home products which will be at least $200 worth of goodies!

If interested, until August 2nd I have 2 free starter boxes to giveaway – all you have to do is pay for shipping and it’s yours! They will include 3-4 full-sized products. I began with a starter box myself, gifted from a friend, and that was all it took to get me on board. I let the subscription continue (after 21 days they’ll send you an email asking if you want to continue the subscription or cancel it before they bill for the quarterly box). Shoot me your email address and I’ll send you the link to sign up for a starter box! Again, I only have 2 of these to give away! Otherwise, you can sign up for FabFitFun – Click here to start! Get $10 off your first box by clicking the link and signing up.

Ya’ll, I have been waiting impatiently for this box to arrive and when it finally showed up, I ripped into it like a wild animal. This is my first FabFitFun box and it did not let me down! My son tried to open the box for me and I all but chewed his hands off. He slinked away out of fear as I hugged my box to my chest and locked myself in my bedroom like a crazy person.

I tossed the magazine aside, but if you like information, this magazine gives you tips on how to use the products in the box as well as some other testimonials and articles that may interest you. Me; all I wanted were the contents inside.

Generation Clay – Brightening Purple Clay Mask$39. Goes on purple and tightens as it dries. It revitalizes skin for a rejuvenated and brightened complexion. I tried this and to be completely honest, it smelled awful. I wanted it off as soon as it touched my skin, but I stuck with it until it dried. I used a wet towel and rubbed in circles to remove the mask. My skin had a nice glow and felt smooth and clean, so it did the job! I just wish it smelled better.

Eyeko London – Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner$22. This looks fun. I’ve never used an eyeliner like this (I’m old school and still put it directly onto the bottom lid of my eye – yeah…). I want to try this but honestly have no clue how – it looks pretty though!

Doctor Rogers – Restore Healing Balm – $30. I was really confused about this product initially – it reminds me of Vaseline in a tube. I’ve been applying this to my lips before bed (apply sparingly – it’s very sticky) – I think this would be good for problem dry spots.

Grace & Stella – Rose Spray – $25.95. I’ve been dragging this bottle with me everywhere – I’m not a huge fan of perfumes and heavy lotions, so this little spritz of fresh rose water is just perfect for a midday pick me up! I spritz in the morning, afternoon, and before bed. It leaves my skin dewy and is supposed to help as a toner as well. I love it!

Odeme – Silicone Wine Glasses – $25. How. Stinking. Cute!!!!!! I haven’t tried these yet myself, but they are absolutely adorable and would be perfect to bring to a pool or to the beach. They are soft and flexible so they won’t break if you drop them! Just a super cute product to find in the box – perfect for Summer! This was one of the items that I could pick out for myself – there were other options listed but I chose these instead. You can pick three items in your box.

Whish – Exfoliating Foot Mask – $32. This smells like coconuts and goes on very watery. I’ve used this on my feet for three days now and I love it! I leave it on with a pair of fuzzy socks for a few hours and then just step in the shower or tub to wash my feet off. It has a nice smell and has helped moisturize my feet!

Invisible – Original Duo Pack – $16. I’ve seen these in drug stores and stuff but never thought they would actually work – well, they do! Surprisingly so! I blow dried and straightened my hair yesterday and it was all in my face when I was trying to do dishes and laundry, so I grabbed one of these bad boys and prayed to the heavens that it wouldn’t ruin my hair with that annoying pony-tail line! It didn’t! It held my hair back AND didn’t leave a trace! I usually wear my hair ties on my wrist and these are a bit bulky and tight, so they’re more for your purse than wrist – that’s a con for me, but otherwise they’re great!

Spiritual Gangster – Maya Kimono – $60. This was another item that I chose for myself, but really only because the real item I wanted was out of stock – so this was the only other option. I don’t wear Kimono’s. It’s soft and comfortable – very flowy and light. It would be perfect on the beach over a bathing suit or a pair of cut-off shorts. I’m using it as a throw robe around the house.

Summer and Rose – Navy Diamond Tote – $50. This item was another one that I got to choose for my box. This bag is thick and fairly large – perfect for me to throw my pool stuff in and go! I’m not sure what else to say about this except that I like it and will be using it, for sure!

That’s it! That’s my very first FabFitFun box review! I enjoyed getting it and I’m super excited to see what comes in my Fall box! What did you get in your box?


    • Yes, girl! I’ve been wearing the Kimono around the house; I’m not brave enough to know how to style it outside of using it as a robe LOL. I’m super excited about the Fall Box! Did you get one too?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lol maybe it is a robe meant for indoors only. 😉 I can’t wait to see what you get in the Fall Box! I’m not currently subscribed to FFF, unfortunately.


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