FabFitFun – Fall 2019 Customizing Options

It’s the time! Time to choose your customization options for the Fall 2019 FabFitFun box!

If you’re new to the FabFitFun community, here what the box is all about, straight from the website of FabFitFun.com!

 As a FabFitFun Member, you’ll get a box of fabulous finds in beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness - hand-picked by the FabFitFun team! Each box will contain $200+ in retail value. You will receive a Seasonal Box (4) four times per year. *
You will be charged immediately after selecting between either the Seasonal or Annual Membership. An email confirmation of your order will be sent and you will be given access to your FabFitFun account right away.
Depending on when you sign up, that season’s Box or an Editor’s Box will be the first box you receive. The Editor’s Box is offered in between seasons once the current season’s Box has sold out. It may contain past seasons’ products and other products.
After your first Box, your membership will continue according to our seasonal schedule. Click here to see our current seasonal billing and shipping schedule.
Seasonal Subscription:
If you sign up for the Seasonal subscription, you'll pay $49.99* per box each season. We will send you an email before you are charged to remind you of the upcoming bill and all other details about your upcoming box. 

Your subscription automatically renews each season unless you decide to cancel before your upcoming bill date. If you join as a Seasonal Member and later decide to be Annual, you can upgrade at any time from your account. Click here to upgrade now!
Annual Subscription:
If you sign up for the Annual subscription you'll pay $179.99 ** upfront for your first four (4) boxes. You will not be charged for your subscription again until the end of your annual term. Your subscription automatically renews each year unless you decide to cancel before your renewal date.  
Purchasing an Annual membership will make you a Select Member! Each season, we will email you before your order ships and allow you to personalize certain items in the box such as what color of a certain item you'd like to receive based on the options that season.
Annual Members are also placed in the first billing group. This means boxes are generally shipped during the first window of shipping.
The Perks:
FabFitFun members receive exclusive access to FFF TV, our FFF online magazine, and the incredible sales! Between our Add-on sale, Edit sale, exclusive offers, and our FFF Shop, you’re guaranteed to snag some extra goodies you love! Membership also includes access to our FabFitFun Community, where you can chat and connect with other members!

Without further ado; here are the customization options for Fall 2019!

I’m super excited about trying out these goodies plus several more that will be a surprise! What did you choose for your box this season?

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