Fashion Friday – 08/09/19

I went shopping on my lunch break yesterday, and that is super dangerous. Like, forreal, dangerous. Usually I lock myself in my car and enjoy some peace and quiet but not yesterday…

I took my little butt over to Bealls Outlet in my small town – I’m used to big-city shopping so I didn’t think I would find anything I would like, being as it’s an outlet store in the middle of nowhere down here in the South. I was pleasantly surprised! I found a number of good items and even managed to keep myself from purchasing more than I did.

I spent a total of $53 and came home with 3 bra’s, 2 fall cardigans, and 2 shirts.

  • Dusty Rose Colored Cardigan – $6.99 @ Bealls Outlet: Size M
  • Maroon Long Tank Top – $4.99 @ Bealls Outlet: Size S
  • Juniors Denison Jeans – Currently on sale HERE at Kohls for $32.99: Size 1
  • Lauren Conrad Hazelnut Ankle Boots – Currently on sale HERE at Kohls for $23.99: Size 7.5

  • Acid Washed Pink Floyd Tank w/Knot – $6.99 @ Bealls Outlet: Size S
  • Aeropostale Distressed Shorty Shorts – Similar Found Here for $10: Size 0
  • Black Combat Boots – Similar Found Here: Size 7.5

  • Brick Colored Front-Tie Top – $6.99 @ Bealls Outlet: Size M
  • White Skinny Jeans – $7.98 @ Walmart: Size 0 (but definitely needed a larger size! They are way too snug)
  • Tan Colored Cardigan – Under $!0 at Ross last year: Size S
  • Tan Wedges – $32.99 @ Target (HERE): Size 7.5


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