Hair Style Using the Beachwaver

Obviously my blog is primarily about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content but seriously I’m like, the worst girl ever. I am extremely basic with makeup and hair styles and for those of us who aren’t pro’s, I’m going to share my quick and easy beauty routine!

Disclaimer: These are solely my opinions on products that I have purchased and use, I am not an affiliate and do not gain anything by posting this.

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Alright, now onto the styling section of this post. So, I usually let my hair air-dry overnight and wake up with it in all sorts of different directions, looking crazy as hell. That’s when the ponytail holder comes out and I slick my hair back to keep it out of my face. Literally, that’s my go-to look just about everyday. Every once in a while I do attempt to look pretty and actually style my hair.

To make this process easier for me, I use a tool called The Beachwaver (shop their products here). It’s a tool that looks like a regular curling iron, with a short “arm” and buttons that you press to make the barrel curl your hair by itself. That description was a little weird, I know, but I honestly have no clue how to describe it otherwise! I place my hair in the “arm”, press the button, and it curls my hair up.

The wand heats up to about 410 degrees and you can change the degree of heat you prefer. I have to use the hottest setting because my hair hates curls and they always fall out before the night is through.

My beauty routine –

  • take a shower
  • towel dry my hair
  • add heat protectant and smoothing products
  • blow dry my hair using my fingers
  • let my hair settle down while I apply makeup and the curling wand heats up
  • curl the hair, finish makeup
  • then run a wide-tooth comb and fingers through the curls to separate them and make them look more natural.


Here’s a silly video to show all that.

The curls hold a little bit for next-day waves, but usually dissipate as the day goes on. The 100% humidity I live in doesn’t help with any of that either. Good gracious.

2nd Day Curls and leftover makeup

What are your favorite styling tools to use?

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