Home Updates – Sept 2019

My husband finally hung up some of the wall items that have been sitting on the floor since last Summer. Woot!

My most anticipated item was this beautiful wooden sign from Smallwoods Home for roughly $40. Check out their inventory here!

This is the 2nd sign I purchased from Smallwoods and I am so so happy with both of them!

The next update is a small little shelf in our 2nd bathroom that I purchased from Bealls Outlet for $13. Previously, we had a large towel rack that added no appeal to the small space – I thought an adorable little shelf with hooks for towels would help add character.

I also decided to tackle the little guys’ room – I wish I would’ve taken a “before” image because you couldn’t even walk into the room – barely even able to close the door without toys and crap getting in the way. There were clothes everywhere, toys scattered all over the floor – it was the worst I’ve ever seen!

After spending about two hours sifting through clothes and packing up all of his 3T items, folding and hanging his 4T clothes, and reorganizing his room to neatly store his toys, we were able to finally get in there and hang up a shelf for him to display his favorite items.

My last little addition to my recent home decor are FINALLY some throw pillows to go on my kitchen chairs. I’m super picky and really not that great of a design person, so it took me a long time to settle. I love them, though! They add just a touch of romance and comfort to our kitchen table. We still have a ways to go in our kitchen to make it complete – my next project will be finishing and hanging the window treatments.

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