FabFitFun – Fall Box 2019 Review

I got a double whammy this month between my Ipsy Glam Bag PLUS and my FabFitFun box for Fall! I have been frothing at the bit to receive my FabFitFun box because I chose an item that I REALLY wanted to try!

FabFitFun is a seasonal box that costs $50/quarterly and usually includes 8-10 full sized products. You can fill out a questionnaire that tailors the items to your specific tastes – also, you can choose three of the items from the box!

Interested? Click this link to get $10 off your first box!

The box was very colorful this time around! For a Fall themed box, I felt that this looked Summer-ish!

Amika Strand Perfect Ceramic Styler – $80 : This was an item I was able to choose myself and this is what I was most looking forward to! I currently have a Chi that I bought back in 2005 and it’s the best straightener ever – I’ve tried other ones throughout the years but nothing has compared to the Chi! However – Amika holds up to my expectations and I feel like this will quickly take my ancient Chi’s place! Very excited and pleased with this item!

Kate Spade New York Lunch Tote – $30: This was another item I could choose – some of the other options were a cheese tray and a wallet, so out of them I figured I’d use the lunch box the most. HOWEVER – it’s super small! Much smaller than anticipated – I don’t think I can fit a tupperware container in there. Other than the size, it’s cute and has an insulated interior to hold some cold drinks or snacks.

Afterspa Hair Towel Wrap – $18: So this item seemed pretty generic to me – I can pick these up at literally any store and I really didn’t need another one of these. It’s fine though – it’ll get used and it serves its’ purpose so I can’t complain!

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks – $25: I haven’t tried these yet, but I’m excited to see if they work! I don’t have a lot of puffy bags under my eyes – just darkness and shade so I’m curious if these will help with that! These are supposed to hydrate deep into your skin so kudos to them if they work! Maybe they’ll help erase some of my fine under-eye wrinkles as well….

Aveda Damage Remedy – Daily Hair Repair – $30: My hair NEEDS this! I’ve been blonde my entire life and keeping up a blonde color (my natural hair color is dirty blonde so I just add highlights) dries my hair out! I used this ONCE so far – the smell is less than pleasant but it doesn’t stick around, so that’s a plus. It’s also a heat protectant which my hair needs as well (especially using it with my new straightener!) It’ll take time for me to see if this repairs but so far I have no complaints!

Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes – $16: These smell SO yummy – ohmygoodness. I was excited to try these out and used ONE so far – I had scratches all over my body from these! The cube-shape keeps the sugar tight so it’s like scrubbing your body with a brittle pad. The smell doesn’t stick around for long and all I’m left with are scratched-up, red arms, legs, and torso. One cube was good for two uses, so I let my kids play with the rest of it in the bathtub and they seemed to like it then.

Human + Kind Body Souffle – $18: This is a nice lotion – nothing crazy about it, nothing to complain about either. Feels nice and cool going on, has a light fruity smell, and dries quickly, leaving skin soft and hydrated. Voila!

The Better Skin Co – Lava Magik – $32: This can be used as a cleaner (add water), a scrub, or a mask. I used it as a mask and smeared it all over my face, leaving on for about 3-5 minutes, then washed it off. It acted as an exfoliant as I washed it off. My face burned and turned red for about 30 minutes afterwards – so next time I’ll try it just as a cleaner (scrub on, scrub off immediately). Has a very light citrus scent and is a reddish clay color.

Overall very excited and happy with my FabFitFun Fall box!

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  1. Hi Stephanie, I am reaching you here in the comments since I couldn’t find your contact information anywhere on your blog. If you are open to collaborations I’d love to hear from you. It would be awesome if you could get in touch with me directly at olivia@blogerize.com and I can give you some details of what I have in mind. Thanks! 🙂


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