Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate – Nov 2019 Review

Disclaimer: This post contains ZERO affiliate ads – I’m just sharing links to where you can find the products and giving my opinion on the products.

This month I opted to try out the new Ipsy Glam Bag ULTIMATE! There are three options for Ipsy Bags:

  1. Glam Bag – $12/mo includes 4-5 deluxe sample products and an adorable makeup bag
  2. Glam Bag Plus – $25/mo includes 5 full-sized products and a makeup bag
  3. Glam Bag Ultimate – $50/mo includes 12 full-sized products and a large makeup bag

Benefit Cosmetics – High Beam Liquid Highlighter: $18 – Apply to cheekbones, brow bones; really anywhere you want a pop of radiance! I have not tried this myself – I ended up bringing it to work and one of my coworkers snatched it up 🙂

Youth to the People – Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream: $48 – This was a really small sized lotion – barely visible in the pictures I took of the products! I hope it works as well as it is described to – I’ll keep this for myself!

Juice Beauty – Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum: $80 – This serum is supposed to help reduce to look of wrinkles and fine lines and the size of the product is great! I will end up gifting this for the Holidays because it’s such a great find (though, let’s be honest, I really do need it for my eye wrinkles)!

Context Skin – Matte Lipstick in Sweet Emotion: $20 – This is a lovely fall shade of brown/red but alas, too dark for my pale skin! The same coworker who snatched up the liquid highlighter also grabbed this lipstick as well – hope she loves it!

Smith & Cult – Nail Lacquer in Bite Your Kiss: $18 – This has to be the coolest looking nail polish ever! It’s really heavy and the dented cap is intentional to show that we all have flaws (artsy but whatever). My only complaint about this, because the color and shine are lovely, is how bulky and awkward the cap is to hold and attempt to apply. My coworker took this as well because after trying to use it last night, I just know I won’t use it again.

Gigi Gorgeous – The Only Blush Duo in Authentic + Pride: This is apparently an Ipsy Exclusive product, as I couldn’t find it on any other site with a price. It’s a gorgeous blush duo that I’m gifting to a friend for the Holidays!

Wander Beauty – Wanderess Rush Eyeshadow Palette: $25 – So, I received another Wander Beauty eyeshadow palette in one of my summer Ipsy boxes and I loved it then – but THIS is just wonderful! The light plums, pinks, golds, and champagne colors are superb and they blend easily and beautifully – I just can’t say enough good things!

IT Cosmetics – Confidence in a Cleanser: $28 – This is a LARGE tube of face cleanser! I’m very pleased with the size of the product! I’m excited to give this a try!

Kismet – Buff Sugar Lip Scrub in Bright & Bubbly: $12 – You can never go wrong with a good lip scrub! Excited to try this out, especially with the cooler weather temps destroying my lips!

Klorane – Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk: $20 – I tried this once, it blew on kind of white and brushed through easily – but throughout the day the dry shampoo “smell” just bothers me. I just haven’t found a good dry shampoo that doesn’t leave my hair feeling grainy so I just don’t use them!

Murad – Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum: $72 – I have JUST the person in mind who would LOVE to try this out, so she’ll be getting this in her stocking this Holiday! I have high hopes as Murad is a good brand and the size of the product is nice!

Whew! For a total price of around $350 (not including a few of the items) I’d say the $50 price tag is exceptional for the amount of products you get! I would 100% recommend this! Even if you don’t want to spend $50 a month on this bag, this is a great option to splurge on yourself for Christmas, Valentines, or your birthday month! What a lovely bag!

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