Recent Purchases – 03/02/20

It’s been a hot minute since I last posted in here! I’ve been journaling a little more often in my personal blog and I also haven’t received any beauty boxes in months, sooooo….

I decided to post my most recent purchases – specifically the ones I found at Bealls Outlet during my lunch break yesterday! It’s a store that’s close to my work and really the only home/clothing store within 60 miles so it’s my go-to for pretty much everything.

  1. Reebox Boys shoes – $16.99. Green and black (green is my little boys’ favorite color).
  2. ASPCA Dental Cube – $3.99. We just got a puppy over the weekend so he needed this.
  3. Scented Papaya Pet Wipes – $3.99. Because puppy.
  4. Ubbi Bag Refills – $2.99. For the puppy piles in our yard.

  1. Pop Up Dog Bowl – $2.99. Because puppy.
  2. Notebook – $2.99.
  3. Multi-Grater with Catch Tray – $3.49. My kiddos love cucumbers so this is a quick and easy way to slice and store!
  4. 90-Day Bible Study Journal – $6.99. Well, I didn’t need this but it was pretty.

Olivia Rose Nail Polish Removing Wipes – $3.99. I keep these at work 🙂

I bought a couple other things too that were for my child and didn’t want to post them here. I feel like I got a pretty good deal on all the things I wanted and didn’t need at Bealls Outlet!

What cool purchases have you made recently?

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