Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate – March 2020

This month I opted to order the Ipsy Glam Bag ULTIMATE! There are three options for Ipsy Bags:

  1. Glam Bag – $12/mo includes 4-5 deluxe sample products and an adorable makeup bag
  2. Glam Bag Plus – $25/mo includes 5 full-sized products and a makeup bag
  3. Glam Bag Ultimate – $50/mo includes 12 full-sized products and a large makeup bag

Murad – AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser: $40. This face wash uses chemical exfoliants as well as physical exfoliants for optimal skin care! I used this last night and followed up with the Illamasqua moisturizer. My face feels soft and supple this morning – I’ll definitely be adding this cleanser into my face washing routine!

Hey Honey – Show Your Glow Colloidal Gold & Honey Beauty Mask: $64. I only received a small sample size of this product which was a little bit of a let down. It’ll be enough for two or three uses; which I haven’t tried yet.

Thrive Cosmetics – Lip Mate High Shine Reviving Topper in Ashley: $24. I haven’t tried this yet but it’s a clear, glittery lip gloss that can be used alone or as a topper on another lip color for added shine. I’m not a big fan of glosses because I really only do my makeup when I wear my hair down, and when my hair is down it’s ALWAYS flying into my lips and sticking in the glosses – so lately, I’ve just avoided any lip wear altogether.

The POREfessional – Pearl Primer: $32. Um. Seriously? The size is no bigger than my pinkie and MIGHT get one use. I’ll have to follow up when I try it. A primer is essential when applying makeup because it provides a barrier between your natural facial oils and the foundation used, to keep it radiant for longer.

111Skin – Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Sheet Mask & Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask Set: The Rose Gold brightening mask comes in a pack of 5 for $135 and the Diamond Eye Mask is $15 per pack (as shown). I’m not a huge fan of sheet masks but holy wow is this one expensive?! It better do the dishes while I’m wearing it and give me a complete face lift at the same time. I haven’t tried it yet – in fact, I was trying to give it away at work and nobody else wanted it either. I’ll have to try it, I suppose. The mask claims to use a hydrogel to illuminate and calm your skin for a beautiful glow – best used before big events. The eye mask is used for fine lines and can be applied for 20 minutes to plump and hydrate under the eyes.

CHELLA- La Vie Eyeshadow Palette Deluxe: $45. This is GORGEOUS. The colors water resistant so they won’t smudge and spread throughout the day. The palette is heavy and the amount of product is pleasing. I gave this away to one of my coworkers who is super stoked to try this!

CHRISTOPHE ROBIN – Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt: $49. I definitely thought this was for your face – but its for your SCALP. I even put it by my sink to use tonight as a facial cleanser. I’m so glad I decided to do this review because this is NOT CLEAR. At least not for me. I have no clue how to use this or why? I’ll have to get back to you on this one…

COLOR CLUB- Nail Polish Duo in Get a Mauve on It and Oh Hail, No! $12.95 each. This came in a cute little package and the colors are pretty. They feel a little more in season for Fall than Spring, but I can’t wait to try them nonetheless!

LIBRARY OF FLOWERS – Honeycomb Handcreme: $20. This is a pleasant surprise! The size of this hand-made lotion is actually quite large, and the scent is soft and floral, but not overly so (I really don’t like flower-y smells). My hands are left super moisturized but not greasy – it’s overall a very good product! Would recommend!

COMPLEX CULTURE- Angled Foundation Brush: $35. WOW. I don’t even know what to do this with thing, I’ve kept it wrapped in its’ protective sleeve inside the box and put away on the top shelf. I don’t want to ruin it with my cheap drugstore makeup and I honestly don’t know how to properly use this. It’s large, sturdy, and the bristles are like, perfect. I just want to stare at it.

ILLAMASQUA- Hydra Veil Primer: $45. This totally reminded me of Jell-O. The consistency is very jelly and nothing like a cream or lotion. I used this last night and scooped up small clumps of the substance and spread it on my face. It’s supposed to be self-levelling and hydrates and smooths skin easily. It has left me with a dewy glow after using it before bedtime.

HEMPZ – Herbal Body Moisturizer in Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon: $4. This is the perfect size to toss in your purse and smells SO yummy! I gave this away to a coworker and she loves the way it smells and feels.

PREVENTIVE MEASURES 101 – After Hours Lip Balm in Passion Fruit: $7. I completely forgot to get a picture of this item – the picture shown is from the Ipsy website and I don’t own any rights to it. I have to admit I was a little let down – I really don’t need a chapstick? I’d rather have this product replaced with something else. I’ll toss it in my drawer for a rainy day.

Overall the March 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag ULTIMATE was a great bag! What did you get in your bag?

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