Recent Purchases – 05/21/20

So, things have been a little slow as far as actually going into stores to purchase stuff but in our town, things have slowly been reopening. Last week on my lunch break, I carefully ventured in Bealls Outlet store. It’s the only “home store” we have in our town, other than Walmart. Buuuuuuuuuut online shopping has been my addiction in the meantime and I’ve spent WAY too much doing so.

Beall’s Outlet

I was super stoked about my OPI nail polish finds! In other stores, they are $9+ and I was able to find these for under $4! The pink shade is my favorite – I’ve forever been looking for a shade that makes me look slightly tanner than I actually am (which is zilch), and this light pink shade does the trick.

The chocolates are just so YUM. I keep them on my desk and pick at them ALL DAY LONG.

Unfortunately, the shelves were bare because they haven’t had any new shipments since probably March. It pretty much looked the same, except depleted, as when I saw them last in March. They mentioned they should be expecting a new shipment this week, so I’ll be popping in to check it out!

Backyard Space

I also purchased a pool for our backyard. With our boys being out of school for the school year and the rest of summer, we opted to spruce up our backyard for some entertainment space. The pool was the first purchase, and we built a deck that extended from our back patio to the pool for a seamless space.

We bought a grill gazebo and extended a second “layer” of the deck just for the grilling space. We need new furniture, clearly, because the dog has pretty much destroyed everything in the backyard.

My husband, a teacher, hand-built the deck by himself! I mention that he’s a teacher because he’s the opposite of a handy-man. He really didn’t even know how to hang a light when we first got together, and here he is seven years later building decks in our backyard!

All of the seating we have accumulated over the years and looks a bit rough, to be honest. The green two-seater on the right of our patio…yeah, I fell through that when I tried to use it as a step-ladder to hang lights. So now the bottom of the chair is held together by some extra screen we found in the garage. The loveseat on the left was given to us by our next door neighbors six years ago when they decided to upgrade their backyard furniture and our dog chewed those pillows apart already. The adorable little table between the two seats is a find from Target – we ventured out and purchased this table, toilet paper, the cute little pineapple torch, and some pool toys. The table was $60 (a bit pricey but we were in need of one), the pineapple torch was $6 and too cute to pass up. Since this picture was taken, we re-arranged the furniture, added a grilling gazebo/seating area, a fire pit in the corner next to the pool, and a beautiful colorful outdoor rug (10×14) from Amazon for $68!

Furniture Buys

Wayfair is my best friend for furniture finds. I have purchased MANY items from there and have been happy with all of them.

I found the kitchen table rug on clearance for $38 and free shipping. It’s 5×7 and fits pretty well under our table. The table was built by my father and I adore it.

My sons room had just a mattress on a plain metal frame, so I decided to give him a more designed room. His bed, from Wayfair for less than $120 (full sized) completes his little bedroom well. I LOVE the bed.

I also bought the gray curtains for his room to go along with his bedroom colors – the gray curtains were actually a random find from Dollar General for $11!

Blessings in Disguise – Facebook Group

I am part of a Facebook group that “blesses” each other with random gifts from Amazon Wish Lists. Pretty much you post your wish list and random people can choose to purchase any items from the list and send them! It’s pretty amazing and such a little blessing to find a gift when you get home from a long day. In the same breath, I purchase and send gifts to others. It’s a win win! So, here are some sweet little gifts I received from this Facebook group.

What have you been doing to supplement any shopping needs? I have also been ordering a lot of pantry supplies to be delivered from Amazon since we try to keep our grocery store runs to a minimum.

Hope everyone is well and staying safe during this quarantine!

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