Bullet Journal – Trying My Hand

I recently resigned from my job and am going to try to stay home with my youngest son and home-school him. I realized that I need to find a way to keep everything organized and in one place – Pinterest led me to BULLET JOURNALING (down the rabbit hole I went!)

I’m reallllllllllly not artistic, though I want to be, so this is right up my alley because it’s do-able even if you’re not very creative or artsy. It’s a mix between a planner and a journal and it’s really cool to keep track of your life and look back at the end of the year! So with a couple packs of $1 sticker pads, pens, glue, and $.50 washi tape, I started my first bullet journal.

I’m still cracking away at the notebook – my goal is to complete it through the end of the year and add some curriculum and schedules for the school year instead of just weekly overviews and budgeting.

Do you have a journal or planner that you use? Any suggestions for fun pages to put together?

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