The BEST Sugar Cookie Recipe

2020 has brought many highs and lows – one of my biggest lows was the unexpected loss of my Grandmother. It was a huge shock to the whole family!

One of the things my Grandma LOVED to do was make sugar cookies for people and mail them out around holidays. She was so proud of her work and loved to make them for people – most of the time for free and just for the love of it.

I’m going to share her recipe below, along with her favorite icing recipe. I’ll also share some pictures of our “work” (my husband and children love to decorate the cookies with me, and we are the complete opposite of artistic so they aren’t impressive by any means, but they sure are tasty!)

That’s the recipe she always used, along with her handwritten notes. At the bottom, she also posted a recipe if you wanted to only make half of the amount. This will be framed and hung in my kitchen at some point, it’s so special to me.

Here are some of our cookie creations that my family has made!

Whew! So usually one batch from start to finish takes around 6-8 hours, but if you want to do the decorating the right way, it takes daysssssss. Mine are sloppy looking BECAUSE I rush through it and try to get everything done in the same day.

Here is the glace icing recipe my grandma always used: its runnier and is good for filling a whole cookie; also called “flooding”. If you can figure out how to thicken it like a royal icing and use it for details and piping; then let me know the secret! I prefer the taste and consistency of the glace icing myself.

Happy Cookie-Making! Please feel free to share your favorite tips and/or suggestions!

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